I use mindset coaching balanced with the practical tools and support to navigate the job market and find clarity and unstoppable success in their careers.

I'm a recruiter and career coach and I work together with women find their inner power.

Hey its me, Louisa

Now my life has totally TRANSFORMED! I’ve manifested the business I always wanted and created my dream of empowering women in their careers and teach them what I’ve learnt in my 15 years in recruitment so that they know how to put together job searches, write a CV that converts and nailing an interview. 

I really care about transforming women to feel unstuck, significant and worthy in whatever they want to be in life, and I’ve always known I was born to help beautiful women like you seek empowerment, confidence and clarity with their careers.

I help my clients to overcome mindset blocks, empower them with confidence and discover clarity with their careers and themselves. 

Back in 2018, it was a different story. I was on maternity leave from having my 2nd baby and even though on the surface, everybody thought I was this happy, smiley Louisa, inside, I felt insignificant, stuck, lacked confidence, felt I wasn’t smart enough nor good enough. I was depressed, exhausted from looking after two kids born 20 months apart and hit rock bottom. 

My body and my mindset were suffering, so I knew something had to change. I had to release my feelings and seek a way to feel confident and clarity in my life. I invested in my first coach and transformed myself from someone who felt worthless to someone who is UNSTOPPABLE with her passion and confidence.


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The Secret to Winning an Interview 

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1:1 Intensive Session

-Carol Burnett

When you've got a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go.


I was looking to improve my CV Writing skills and Louisa from CareerBend more than delivered. She kindly reviewed my CV in detail and offered suggestions. Her depth of knowledge and clarity combined with her enthusiasm when discussing CV structure, content and action words clearly shines through from her years of experience as a professional recruiter. Her advice has definitely renewed my confidence and expectations of what to (and not to) write in CVs for the near future!


The vibes you gave me, filled me with confidence and hope. I realised how very important it is to visualise oneself in a confident light and think positively about oneself. All women who dream of going back to work after having children need to get in touch with you.

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