3 Tips on How to Find a Job on Social Media

OK everyone, hands up! How many of us use Social Media on a daily basis? Me! I must confess I probably use it for an hour a day once my kids are in bed or at nursery. Most of us use it to ‘get away’ from the daily dramas of life and connect with loved ones but how many of you have used it to find a job?

Social Media is fast over-taking the more traditional job boards in searching for a job and as a recruiter, it was my favourite way to search for candidates. It provides insight into your skills and experience by providing recruiters with recommendations of you (LinkedIn), what groups you’re associated with and how many connections you have.

If you love social media and want to find a new job, then here’s my tips to get your profile online and through the door:

Professional Profile.

If you decide to look for a job via social media, then your profile will become public. I guarantee 9 times out of 10, a recruiter will be able to see your history, background, old posts and photos. To ensure you look professional, its advisable to delete any posts, photos etc that could hold you back from the application process.

Which Social Media Platforms will Work for You?

I know from experience that LinkedIn was amazing for searching for corporate-led candidates and Instagram was great for more creative candidates. Get to know your platforms depending on your career-field and start utilising that it, either by, connecting with recruiters or using a job-search function to start applications.

Get connected.

The whole purpose of social media is making connections, and this is important if you want to find a job. Connections could be recruiters, former employers/colleagues, hiring managers, heads of department etc. The more time you spend doing this, the more your profile will increase in the rankings and get seen quicker.

Once connected, immediately send a message saying thank you for the connection and you’re looking for a job so what’s available or coming up? Being proactive with your connections will pay off dividends.

Engage with the community!

I’ve used social media platforms to find jobs myself and one thing I found useful was engaging with my connections. As soon as I saw a connection looking to hire a recruiter, I immediately sent them a message. Or, if one of my connections wrote an article that interested me, I would comment on it. Interacting with your connections makes them remember you more which results in them more likely to call you immediately when a new job comes up than those who don’t engage.

You could also create engagement yourself by writing posts and articles within your career area. This will show prospective hiring managers and recruiters that you know your stuff and should be taken seriously.


Published: February 18, 2019

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