Asking for Flexible Working as a Dad

Asking for Flexible Working as a Dad.

You’re a dad and you want to enjoy more quality time with your kids but still commit yourself to your job. That’s great! But, how do you ask your boss that you want flexible working?

Flexible working is becoming a huge importance to working parents – and rightly so. It is there so that you can enjoy a flexible work/life balance and not feel penalised for having it. If you’re looking into having a more of a flexible approach and want to request it from your employer with confidence, here are some of my top tips below.

What flexible working conditions do you want?

Take time to think about what you want from your employer. Is it: shorter hours, better support with childcare, work-from-home days? Write down the key things you need from your employer -and be specific! If you ask your employer that you want flexible working and you don’t know what you want then chances are, they’ll take the lead on the negotiation table which could leave you out of pocket.

Make a formal request in writing.

Your employer may have their own application form or you could down load it from the … If you decide to apply via the government, your employer has 3 months to respond to your request and if they don’t, then you could go to an employment tribunal. Note that employers will require employees to be in their position for 26 weeks before a new working pattern is requested.

Prepare to negotiate.

Your employer may need to investigate your request further in order to see how it will affect their department, finances, business structure etc. Once they come back to you, then you can negotiate to see what works for both of you. If they come back with an unreasonable answer, then you may need to seek alternatives.

Prepare for Plan B.

If negotiations don’t go your way, its start to think about Plan B. And this could include looking for a new job. If you do decide to look for a new job, have a good think about what working style you’re really looking for. In that way, you can lay out your goals and objectives with the recruiter or hiring manager from the start.

And finally, here’s my last tip…. don’t be afraid to ask for flexible working in the first place. Its open to everyone and you’re just as entitled as anybody else. As a wise person once said – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And what’s the harm in that!

Published: February 11, 2019

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