Career Bootcamp

A 1:1 programme to give you the confidence to change and find a job that gives you joy and fulfilment

I'm ready for this!

• You no longer feel satisfied in your job but feel obligated to stick it out to pay the bills.

• You keep looking for the next best thing, jumping from job to job without finding real fulfilment because you’re unsure on what you really want to do for a career?

• You feel unheard and undermined at work and unsure how to communicate this to your boss.

• You feel like you have to apologise for putting your personal commitments first.

• You’re spending hours scrolling through LinkedIn applying for jobs, just to get ghosted.

• You feel like you’re going round in circles with your CV, doubting your own experience and skills.



As a Recruiter with over 15 years experience, I have helped 1000’s of job hunters & individuals like YOU find purpose, satisfaction and joy in their careers!

You can have this too, but only if you take that first step and I will be giving you support and tools to do this.


Jumping out of bed with a feeling of excitement about the day ahead, because you love what you do!

You know what you want to do for a career and have the confidence to take the steps to get there.

You’re working for a company that values your work and rewards you for your efforts.

You finish work on time and your boss understands and supports you in putting your personal commitments first.

You have a recruiter in your pocket teaching you the secrets of the industry so that you can hack the job boards and find a job easily.

You have a CV that confidently sells your experience and can easily be repurposed for future job applications.

Imagine this:


The daily conversations that Louisa and I have outside of our weekly 1:1 coaching sessions has really me because she's always there to give me advice just in case something comes up on the spot.

OMG Louisa is amazing! I didn't even know that you could find jobs in LinkedIn and with Louisa's guidance on how to write an affective LinkedIn profile, I was approached by a recruiter and landed a job!

In the 6 weeks that we will work together, I will take you through my 3 step unique framework.

Landing your dream job can be simple if you have full clarity and WHAT you want to do for a career, HOW you’re going to get there and more importantly, WHY you want to go for your dream job.
We will work together to make sure that you have a clear vision and clarity on how you can achieve the career you desire.

Once you have the clarity in knowing what you want to do with your career, it’s now time to develop a clear and detailed strategy.

We ‘ll sit together and discover what truly motivates you, what you wanted to do as a child and how that links to where you want to be, right here, right now. We’ll also tackle your inner critic so that you can say “adios” and overcome them with an empowered, confident self.

We’ll implement what you’ve discovered by writing your CV together so that it creates a powerful impact with recruiters, live job searches so that you can get first dibs in the application process against other candidates, interview techniques that will make you stand out from the rest and how to negotiate a job offer that will work for you and your lifestyle.


Who it's for

Louisa is the ULTIMATE career guru. The amount of knowledge she has is incredible and transformed my whole mindset with finding a job.


The structure that the programme offers is really good because it made me address things that I'd never even thought of before or even thought about.




What's Included?

• Weekly 60 minute zoom call over 6 weeks

• Unlimited voice note support and feedback in      between sessions

• Unlimited access to product suite worth £250

• Weekly homework to make sure you’re progressing  and to keep you accountable in between sessions.

The Investment:

Pay in full: £2500

x3 monthly payments: £840




The vibes you gave me, filled me with confidence and hope. I realised how very important it is to visualise oneself in a confident light and think positively about oneself. All women who dream of going back to work after having children need to get in touch with you.


Feel fulfilled and happy in your job

Have complete clarity on what you want to do for a career and the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Feel confident in yourself and unafraid to push boundaries.