Having it All Doesn’t Exist?

We all dream of “having it all” – family, great job, amazing house, friends, car, money but does it really exist? Through making Careersafterkids, I’ve found that it does exist - but in your own way. Here’s the thing, we don’t need to be Kris Jenner to “have it all”. What makes us achieve that life is whether we are truly happy and fulfilled in our lives.
What do I mean by this? Before I started Careersafterkids, I felt insignificant, a low achiever and a small person compared to others. I was constantly comparing myself to others thinking ‘why don’t I have that?’ or ‘they’re so happy and I’m just simple old Louisa.’ I didn’t feel fulfilled and was simply existing on planet Earth.
Slowly, I began to change my outlook by writing down things I did achieve in my life (and I was shocked about how long the list was) and find ways that would make me feel more positive. I always wanted to create a business and through a lot of brainstorming, Careersafterkids was born. Now I feel happier and more balanced in my life – so much so, I feel that I ‘have it all.’

So, if you want to “have it all,” start by changing your perspective and outlook on your life because if you really looked deep within yourself, you’ve probably done more amazing things in your life than what you think. If there’s something missing that would truly make you happy, what is it? How can you achieve it? Nothing is impossible unless you think its impossible. One of the biggest things I changed was being more positive about what I did have and stopped wishing for what I didn’t have. Instead, I created goals to achieve things that would make me happy and I can honestly say that my life has transformed.
Mums, my message is this is. ‘Having it all,’ isn’t determined by material things. Its determined by how happy you truly are in your life. If there is something that isn’t working, change it. You can do it!

Published: August 10, 2018

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The biggest thing I’ve learnt from having a career and being a mum is the ability to be strong enough to say, “this is the life I want” and not feel guilty for saying it. I know, it’s easier said than done right? But, I’ve been able to do this by organising my career in a way that doesn’t inflict on family life.

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