My Story

My Story

I'm Louisa Maglieri,

A recruitment queen who's passionate in helping people find their dream career.

I wanted to create because I wanted to help, support and motivate those who want to start a new career.

I foundered Careerbend because, I felt that there wasn’t a lot of support out there to help people from all walks of life to find the career they desire

So, I thought to myself, “why not put my recruitment skills to good use”! From that point on, “” was born and has been helping many people find a career that provides fulfilment, passion, freedom and financial independence.

What makes me experienced?

I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for over 14 years and have reviewed over 10000 CVs, conducted thousands of interviews and negotiated job offers for those wanting an uplift in salary, flexible working and more. 


I've supplied candidates directly to companies such as: S&P Global, FCA, Credit Suisse, BP and IBM. 


Now it’s my turn to help you feel confident enough to discover new skills which will ultimately lead you to a fulfilling career.


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The biggest thing I’ve learnt from achieving my dream career is being  strong enough to say, "this is the life I want and nothing is going to get in the way."

I know, it’s easier said than done right?

But, I’ve been able to do this by building up the confidence to make the change so that I am happy, free and have financial independence.

So, let’s start your new adventure to achieve work/life success!

Trust me, I know it can be daunting starting or changing your career but its time to do something that will make you feel fulfilled and happy.



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