Time to Shine Career Programme


I'm ready for this!

Four modules tailored to your needs to help you discover clarity, confidence and arm you with the practical skills for career success. I use my 15 years experience in recruitment plus unique confidence coaching techniques to support you to discover the career that lights you up.

12 weeks to completely transform your career confidence.

What it's About


As a Recruiter with over 15 years experience, I have helped 1000’s of job hunters & individuals like YOU find purpose, satisfaction and joy in their careers!

You can have this too, but only if you take that first step and I will be giving you support and tools to do this.


Jumping out of bed with a feeling of excitement about the day ahead, because you love what you do!

You know what you want to do for a career and have the confidence to take the steps to get there.

You’re working for a company that values your work and rewards you for your efforts.

You finish work on time and your boss understands and supports you in putting your personal commitments first.

You have a recruiter in your pocket teaching you the secrets of the industry so that you can hack the job boards and find a job easily.

You have a CV that confidently sells your experience and can easily be repurposed for future job applications.

Imagine this:

Someone's who not prepared to take that step forward.

Someone who's not ready to put themselves first. 

Someone's not ready to make change

Who it's not for

Putting on a brave face to the outside world but inside feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Struggling with a lack of clarity, feels insignificant and unworthy.

Feeling stuck and lacking self-confidence in their lives and career

Who it's for

Workbooks and additional resources.

Zoom recording of every session for you to keep

Bespoke homework to be done in your own time, focusing on your individual needs.

Unlimited voice note support between sessions

8 x 60 minute sessions with me focusing on transformation, empowerment and giving you practical career advice.

What's included

The Investment:

Pay in full: £2500

x3 monthly payments: £840




The vibes you gave me, filled me with confidence and hope. I realised how very important it is to visualise oneself in a confident light and think positively about oneself. All women who dream of going back to work after having children need to get in touch with you.

The first two sessions will focus on discovering what's holding you back, transforming limiting beliefs and discovering your power and creating unshakeable confidence. We'll also work through ideas and strategies for a new career that will give you purpose and fulfilment.

Discovery and Exploration


The second module focuses on exploring job market and creating job searches that are tailored to you. I will be guiding you through bespoke job search techniques that only recruiters know in order to navigate job boards from LinkedIn to Indeed.com with ease and success.

Finding Your Ideal Job


Using my recruiter skills, we'll create a brand new CV together that is tailored to your new career choice and instantly attracts recruiters. We'll also explore interview questions, STAR technique as well as mindset building so that you feel confident and ready to nail that all important interview.

Creating the Perfect CV and Interview Skills


During the last phase of the programme, we'll go through mindset and confidence techniques to prepare you for your new career and go through what you've learn't and achieved.

Preparing for Your New Career and Course Overview



This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!

This programme takes place over 8 weeks and covers 4 transformational modules. We will have a 60 minute session via Zoom every week and you'll be set homework, sent additional resources and workbooks plus have unlimited voice note support to help overcome any blockers in between each session.

What is the Time to Shine Career Programme?

Yes, you will receive unlimited voice note support throughout the programme to help inspire and keep you on track.

Do you provide support in between sessions?

This course dives into your inner, subconscious beliefs that may be holding you back from your ideal career. Louisa is also an experienced professional recruiter who has worked for several FTSE 250 companies who offers expert advice to help achieve your career goals that only recruiter know.

Why is this programme different?

The investment is £1500 which you can pay in full or three monthly payments of £500

What's the investment?

Sure, you can pay in one instalment or other payments plan can be made available.

Do you have payment plans available?

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3 x Monthly Payments




Pay in Full

The Investment