Top 10 Interview Questions To Ask Employers

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I’ve just had a meeting with a potential school for my daughter (that time already) and it got me thinking about interview questions. Many candidates forget that interviews are a two-way conversation and getting key information from an interviewer is vital. They will also help you find out whether the job is right for you or not.

I’m going to give you my top 10 questions to ask during an interview (and those that are big turn off) so that you can get yourself ahead of the application process.

Prep Your Interview Questions in Advance!

Preparing your questions in advance is something I can’t stress enough to do because it will ensure that you get the information you need from the interviewer. If you don’t prepare and just ask the first question that pops into your head (or not at all), this will make the interviewer believe that you’re not interested in the job.

Louisa’s Top 10 Interview Questions To Ask Employers

There is no set rule on what questions you could ask – it’s very much a personal choice. The crucial thing is that the answers will help you make an informed decision on whether to accept the job if offered.

If you’re not sure on questions to ask, here are my top 10 below:

  1. Will there be opportunities to do any external training?
  2. What would be the key performance indicators or targets within the first 6 months of the role?
  3. Can you tell me more about the day-to-day duties of the role?
  4. Where does the company envisage itself in 5- and 10-years time?
  5. What are the some of the biggest challenges the company is facing at present?
  6. What are the best things about working for this company?
  7. What is the career path of the role?
  8. What are the next steps in the application process?
  9. What’s the company culture like?
  10. Is there an opportunity to get involved in company community or charity events ?

Some of these questions might have already been explained during the interview but they provide a guide on topics you could focus on.

Questions to Avoid

I’ve interviewed thousands of candidates throughout my recruitment career and I instantly get turned off by questions such as:

  • What’s the salary?
  • Could you explain more about the company etc?
  • Is there a chance of a pay rise?

For me, these sorts of questions show that the candidate is only interested in the money and hasn’t taken time to research the company or role.

Getting ahead by asking the right questions will not only help you determine whether the job is right for you or not, but also show the interviewer that you are a good candidate. The questions you ask should show that you’re passionate about the job and you’ve taken time to research about the company carefully.

Best of luck with your interview!


Published: January 25, 2019

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