Top 3 Tips to Make Your CV Standout

If you want to get ahead of the curve compared to other candidates, then creating a good CV is key. There are many styles and ways you could use but from being a recruiter for over 13 years to some of the world's leading companies, I give you my top 3 tips to make your CV standout from the crowd.

Personal Statement

A personal statement at the top of the CV should clearly state your intentions, what your experience has been and what job you are looking for in the future. Its a great way to show to a recruiter that "this is my experience and this is the job that I am now looking for."

Keep the statement clear, straight to the point and no longer than six lines. You can write it in either 1st or 3rd person as long it clearly states your objectives. It should also be placed just below your contact details at the top of the first page.

Clearly Format to Make CV Standout

This might seem obvious but from reading thousands of CVs, I prefer reading ones that are clear and simple to read. What do I mean by that? The font needs to be simple e.g. Arial or Calibri and no longer than font size 11. Adding bullet points to list skills and experience can also help.

It is also a good idea to keep your CV to no longer than 3 pages - at the end of the day you're not writing War & Peace! Remember, it takes (on average) 15 seconds to for a recruiter or hiring manger to scan through a CV so it needs to be clear to read from the start. If you're unsure, ask a friend or partner to read it before you submit it to job adverts. In that way, you will know that its clear to read and doesn't have any spelling mistakes.

Reflects the Job That You Are Applying For.

As a recruiter, I've seen A LOT of candidates applying for my roles that have little or zero experience for the job that they've applied for. These candidates, apply simply because they want "a job."  This is fine but a lot of recruiters become frustrated by their actions because, to them, its a waste of time and can create a bad reputation for the candidate.

Recruiters love CVs that show proven experience of the essential requirements needed for the job. The more experience you show of a specific skill or experience, the higher up the search rank you'll be.

Therefore, when you apply for your next job, ensure that your CV is tailored to the job spec and not too generalist.

My overall message to making a CV standout is to keep it clean and simple. Less is more because it shows to the hiring manager that you are able to think and write in a concise manner i.e. you have ability to put down essential information without waffle.

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Published: May 2, 2019

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