Why Christmas is the Perfect Time for Job Searching

It's Christmas time again and now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas cheer (or two)! But, did you know that the holiday season is also the perfect time for job searching?

Lots of people think that there's no point to apply for jobs  -or even create a CV during December -because business tends to "quieten down." However, December was often the busiest time of my recruitment year as I was rushing to get CVs submitted, interviews booked and offers wrapped up - all before 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. So if you're thinking of employing for jobs, now is a great time to do it and here are some tips to get you started!

Research the Type of Job You'd Like

Going back to work after having kids or wanting a change of job that fits around your family requires a lot of research beforehand. Christmas is a great time to think about what job you'd like to do. Things to take into consideration could be: location, hours (flexible working), benefits e.g. childcare vouchers, ability to work from home. More importantly, it needs to be job that would make you happy to go to everyday rather than just doing a job just for the sake that its a job. So, take your time and research what job you'd like to do and a great way to start is by browsing the job boards or social networks such as LinkedIn. Fresh jobs are advertised on a daily basis so its a good way to see what would work for you.

Spruce Up Your CV

Once you have a clear view on what jobs you want to apply for, its time to give your CV a makeover! At this point, a lot of mums get a little nervous because they may have been out of work for a while since having kids or afraid to take the plunge and start something new. However, as I said earlier, employers are actively recruiting mums for Returnship Programmes and other permanent roles because they VALUE their skills such as: calmness under pressure, resiliance and expert multitasking.

If you're a little worried about explaining career gaps, my advice is  - don't worry. Use the 'career gap' time to your benefit and explain some of the experiences you did during this time and what you learn't. An example could be: organizing an event which improved your organisation skills. Don't be afraid to show off as employers like to see candidates using their time wisely.

Connect with Recruiters!

Christmas is also a great time to get connected with recruiters or hiring managers directly to see what their current activity is and what their job pipeline is looking like for the New Year. One of the ways you could do this, is by using social networks such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a candidate bible to recuiters because it contains some of the best talent available. Therefore, its wise to create an account and start searching and connecting for recruiters who hire candidates in your field. The more activity you do in this, the more recruiters are going to remember you when the ideal job does become available.

Practice your Interview Technique.

If you can, practice your interview technique so that you feel confident when the next interview approaches. One way to do this is by interviewing yourself front of the mirror. You don't just want to assess your answers but also your body language. Keeping a calm, professional face towards an interviewer is 100% better than avoiding eye contact.

Interviewers will ask difficult questions on topics such as career gaps etc, so its important you have answers prepared. Its also important to keep the answers constructive, positive and simple so that you can show off to the interview, some of the fantastic things you did during your time off.

Keep Positive.

Last but not least, its important to keep positive! Job searching, making subsequent applications, interviews etc can be a draining experience. Its important to keep positive and not get consummed by the process. Remember, you will find a job, you will get your career back on track. It just takes patience.

So here you have it! My tips for getting your job searching up to speed during the Christmas period. Its a great time to get your profile out there and never give up!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas,




Published: December 19, 2018

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