Why It's Ok to Struggle as a Working Mum

Working mums, you’re not alone. Every parent finds the juggle a real struggle sometimes,
and that’s OK. Put it this way, when Megan Markle recently toured South Africa, she
mentioned that ‘Being a working mum and travelling as well with a baby, my goodness it’s a
lot, but it’s all so exciting. There are days when it’s a lot to juggle but then you meet
someone, have an impact on them and it’s so rewarding.’ If Megan finds it a juggle then I
bet there are a million other mums out there who find it hard as well.

My Experience as a Working Mum

I have the luxury of being able to work from home and look after my kids, but even with that
arrangement, I still find it hard. I used to jump onto my laptop as soon as my daughter had a
nap, but now that she has stopped that, I work late into the night after the kids have gone
to sleep.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel the pressure with meeting deadlines with trying to keep
up with my kids and housework. Sometimes, I can find it truly overwhelming. But, I know
one day I will look back and think “you know what? That time with my kids is a true

How to Achieve a Work/life Balance

There’s no true formula on how to juggle work and parenthood. Every parent is in their own
unique situation and what may work for some, might not be practical for others. So, if
you’re feeling like you’re in a tunnel with no way out, here are my tips that may help things
get easier:

1) Give yourself a break! - I am a perfectionist and I am my own worst enemy when it
comes to putting pressure on myself. I’ve really had to learn to say "its OK. You have
two kids under the age of 3 and of course they are going to take up 23/24 hours of
the day.” And that’s alright. Being kind to yourself can make a big difference to your
well-being and productivity. Getting Careers After Kids from A to B wasn't done in weeks or months. It took me years to get me where I am today. Which brings me on to my next point… Plan.

2) Plan your day - We parents know that kids can throw a curve ball in your plans at
short notice. I plan my day in order to achieve goals that I think are achievable that
day. What I mean is, plan your day with duties that are smart, achievable and work
well around your family. Over-planning or putting too much pressure on yourself to
do this or that in the day can set you up for failure.

3) Get help with the childcare - I know this can be costly but honestly, I’d be lost if I
didn’t have some help. My kids go to nursery (one full-time, one part-time) which
really helps me get things done from housework and cooking kids meals, to replying
to emails. It’s a huge expense but if you are working and can get some help, go for it.

4) Allocate duties to others - As a working mum with her own business, I’ve had to take
stock and allocate some of the duties (at a huge cost) to others because I couldn’t do
it all while raising my kids. At first, I refused because I wanted to stay in control but it
got to a point where I felt very overwhelmed. So, if you can, allocate some duties to
others but be clear with your expectations and delivery.

5) Be organised! - I like to prepare the kid’s breakfast, clothes to wear etc. the night
before so that it makes the mornings a lot easier. Mornings before 9am are the most
hectic part of the days as I have to get my kids ready for nursery. Being organised
can really make the start of your days a lot less stressful.

These are my tips to help make the juggle less of a struggle as a working mum. I’ve been in
your shoes and as I mentioned, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel overwhelmed sometimes.
But, here’s the thing. You’ve got to give yourself a huge pat on the back for working and
being a parent in the first place. You’re doing an amazing job (even if you don’t think so) and
its important to keep enjoying these moments because sooner or later, the kids will be all
grown up.

Published: October 30, 2019

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The biggest thing I’ve learnt from having a career and being a mum is the ability to be strong enough to say, “this is the life I want” and not feel guilty for saying it. I know, it’s easier said than done right? But, I’ve been able to do this by organising my career in a way that doesn’t inflict on family life.

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