Why You're Rejected from Interviews

"Why does this keep happening?" "Why do I keep getting rejected from interviews" This is a common complaint I get from candidates and its often the same reason that comes up time and time again.

Before I delve into why you're not getting interviews or being rejected even before that phase, I want you to realise that you are doing something wrong per se, its just you're following a formula that isn't working for you and it needs to be fixed.

How can you fix that formula? Well here's a few suggestions to get you back on track.

Learn from Feedback

You're never going to know why you're rejected from interviews unless you get feedback first. You need it and you deserve it!

Keep being persistent with the recruiter until they give you feedback and don't just accept a general, one line answer. Ask them to be specific so that you can learn and grow from it for next time.

One important thing to remember is, try not to be too defensive and emotional with feedback. Some interviewers can be difficult which shows that the role was not for you, but if you receive feedback that is not to your liking, try to be objective rather than defensive about it. In that way, you can analyse what went wrong and see how you can grow from that experience.

Interview Yourself

A good idea to try is interviewing yourself. You can do this either in the mirror or filming yourself via a tablet or phone. A lot of candidates don't realise that their tone of voice or even their body language can put interviewers off.

Ask yourself questions that you've been asked during an interview and then look back at the answers. More importantly, how you've answered them. You might see what went wrong instantly and then work on it to get it right for next time.

Waffling too Much

This is a common error that candidates make and nerves or self-pressure is often to blame. Interviewers want to see not what you did to solve a problem, but how you did it. Practise answering questions in a concise, clear way so that you can send a positive, clear message to the interviewer

Don't Give Up!

It's easy to become negative when things don't go your way but you must remember NOT TO GIVE UP! There IS a job out there for you and by practising your interview style and learning from feedback, you will get there!

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Published: May 8, 2019

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