Work from Home Jobs for Mums that Actually Work

Work from home jobs for mums that actually work is so important if you’re really going to make it a long-term option. It needs to be fulfilling and also pay enough to keep you out of the office so that you can be present in your child’s life.

Whatever your long-term career goals are, here are some of the best work from home jobs for mums that work. If you can succeed, you wont have to worry about things like childcare or your skills becoming redundant.

Work From Home Jobs for Mums - The Reality

Before we look into what jobs you could do from home, let's talk about the reality of taking it on.

I really want to chat about this before sharing insight into what jobs you could do from home. It’s important to really think about whether working from home is right for you. I work from home because I have a son who’s 10 months and a daughter who’s 2. They’re young, close in age, and very demanding.

I chose to create my own business (more about that later) instead of facing the dreaded London commute every day because I wanted to be there for my children. I wanted to be there for every nursery pick-up, parents evening,  school plays and sports days. I wanted to be there 100% for my kids and I don’t regret my decision.

Nevertheless, there are the logistics you have to think about. To put it mildly, its’ hard to work from home when you have an active child wanting your attention, or you have to keep stopping work because your baby needs a feed. I open my laptop as soon as my kids are asleep as I know that that's when I get the peace and quiet to really sit down and work.

So, if you’re thinking about working from home, think about a timetable that would work for you and your family situation. Are you going to work when the kids are playing, at nursery, asleep etc? Think about how you’re going to juggle everything so that you can truly be productive.

Now, onto the jobs you could do.

Create Your Own Business

Did you hear about first-time mum Steph Douglas? She created a £1 million alternative gifting business for newborn babies because she was overwhelmed with the flowers she received when her son was born? Incredible isn’t it? And it just shows how creative, resourceful, and passionate mothers are to do something new and get results.

Creating a business is hard work and expensive. I spent thousands getting mine up and running and made some costly mistakes, but it was worth it. If you’re worried about funding, there are options you could take such as a business grant from UK government. This could be a worthy option if you want to avoid a bank loan.

Another factor to consider when starting a business is that you need to put in the hours and be prepared for challenges along the way. Challenges can seem like you’re coming up against failure but honestly, they are a great learning curve if you want to be successful in business.

If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, think about what inspires you and what your passions are. Maybe you could start a business from your hobby. Or, if you don’t want to spend too much cash, become part of a franchise or join an affiliate programme.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, you need to research everything to the minute detail and project what you want to earn in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years etc. The more planning you do, the more likely your business will be successful.

And most important of all – don’t give up! You will make it!

Sell Products From Home

There are lots of companies such as Usborne Books that offer mums the chance to sell their products at home for commission. The commission varies depending on the product but the more you sell, the more commission you bring home.

This is a great option for mums who don’t want to pay huge start-up costs and want to use a platform that’s already set-up and successful.

Companies such as Usborne do ask potential sellers to pay a fee to join and success depends on how much work you put into it.

If you want to sell other products, you could become a seller on ebay or Amazon. There is a lot of competition but if you find a gap in the market, you could do really well.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing has fast become one of the most popular work from home jobs for mums. If you want to continue utilising the skills you learned during your career or education, you could become a freelancer. I know lots of mums who’ve become freelance marketing consultants, accountants, social media agents, proofreaders and virtual assistants.

It is more or less the same as running your own business.

You can promote your services on online platforms such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork or Fiverr. They do take a cut from the money you earn but they are great platforms to start getting yourself noticed.


Published: August 4, 2019

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